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Is Invisalign Right For You?

As more options for teeth straightening hit the market, selecting the right application for your unique dental needs becomes more difficult. You may like the idea of invisible braces that are removable. The question is whether that’s the right solution for you or your child. Discussing Invisalign in Wallace, NC, with Dr. Darren Sholar and Dr. Joell-Kennedy Parker at Southland Dental Care is the best way to find out.

In the meantime, we have some information that may help you determine your suitability for invisible braces. Let’s start with some quick facts that everyone should understand when considering Invisalign.

Quick Facts About Invisalign

What do you need to know before opting into invisible braces? There’s a lot to consider, but this quick list of basic facts will get you started. Invisalign is…

  • Almost entirely invisible
  • Best suited for older teens and adults of all ages
  • Worn 22 hours per day, if not more
  • Not effective for some complicated dental conditions
  • Guided by an orthodontist to maximize effectiveness
  • Growing in popularity by the year

Signs You’re a Great Fit for Invisible Braces

The only way to know for sure that you’re a good candidate for invisible braces is to discuss Invisalign with your Wallace, NC, dentist. In the meantime, you might consider yourself a possible fit if you:

  • Are old enough to understand the importance of leaving the aligners in all day and night
  • Wish to remove your braces while eating
  • Would like to brush and floss your teeth without interference from your braces
  • Don’t have time for routine wire adjustments
  • Don’t want to alter your diet to accommodate metal or porcelain braces
  • Are an adult who doesn’t want to look juvenile in professional settings
  • Are a college student who doesn’t like the look of metal braces
  • Feel anxious about braces that aren’t easily removed
  • Are concerned that metal braces will lower your self-confidence
  • Don’t have a complex dental problem that Invisalign cannot effectively tackle
  • Can afford to pay slightly more for the right type of braces
  • Understand that invisible braces don’t work any faster than metal braces in most cases
  • Like the idea of moving select teeth, according to a design mapped out by your orthodontist

If even one or two of those statements hit home for you, then talking to your dentist about your brace options is a good idea. You can bring this up at your next routine cleaning or schedule a consultation specifically for this discussion.

If you don’t have an established dentist in the Wallace area, you can contact Southland Dental Care at (910) 285-7800. Dr. Sholar and Dr. Parker have the expertise to help you determine if Wallace, NC, Invisalign treatment is right for your unique dental needs.

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